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Developing a Good Eating Habit, Having a Long and Healthy Life.

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The World's First Eating Habit Trainer.

Change His Eating Habit in 28 Days

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Save Your Dog Today

Never get bloat, choke, vomit, obesity, and digestive problems caused by eating too fast.

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Slower than a Slow Feeder.

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Feed Your Pet SLOWLY

The Unique "Broken Wave" Slow Feeding Structure.

Feed Your Pet SAFELY

Made with Safe and Strong Plant-Based Materials.

Feed Your Pet FLEXIBLY

Modularized Parts with Progressive Eating Habit Training Modes.

Puzzle Feeder™ The Ultimate Slow Feeding Solution.

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Bone Plate

The Bone Plate that spins on the top of a Puzzle Feeder™ can contain treats and snacks. It covers parts of the slowing mat so your dog will eat even more slower.

The "Broken Wave" Slowing Mat

The unique "Broken Wave" slowing structure is deeper, narrower, and more complicated than the regular slow feeder. It not only helps you feed your pet slower but also train them to develop a healthy eating habit.

Feeding Bowl

The Feeding Bowl is the base of the Puzzle Feeder™. It has a skidproof structure on the bottom and a speical column "Pet Safety Lock" in the center.


Progressive Feeding Modes

The three modularized parts of Puzzle Feeder™ support four different feeding modes. These progressive feeding modes can be used in different conditions and eating habit training stages.


Feeding Time Slowing Down

The unique "Broken Wave" slowing mat and the spinning bone plate on the top can significantly decelerate a dog's eating speed up to 15X than a regular feeding bowl.


Days Eating Habit Training

Puzzle Feeder is not only a slow feeder but an eating habit training device which can develop a good eating habit for your dog in 28 days.

Puzzle Lick Bowl

More Levels, More Fun.

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A Feast Provider

Puzzle Lick Bowl has a bone plate and a licking mat with three textures that support various kinds of food.

A Stress Releaser

The special textures of the Puzzle Lick Bowl can help your dog relieve the stress when he lick different types of food on it.

A Licking Trainer

Just like Puzzle Feeder, Puzzle Lick Bowl can also help your dog develop a good eating habit. It has three modularized parts which can support four progressive feeding modes. Slowing down your pet's licking time can protect his digestion, relieve more stress, and make the happy meal time longer.

Puzzle Lick Bowl, the Ultimate Feeding Solution.

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Bone Plate

The Bone Plate that spins on the top of a Puzzle Lick Bowl can contain treats and snacks. It covers parts of the slowing mat so your dog will eat even more slower.

Licking Mat

The multi-texture licking mat of the Puzzle Lick Bowl has four licking textures which can support various types of food that you want to feed for your dog.

Feeding Bowl

The Feeding Bowl is the base of the Puzzle Lick Bowl. It has a skidproof structure on the bottom and a speical column "Pet Safety Lock" in the center.


Modularized Parts

Puzzle Lick Bowl uses a modularized design which has 3 independent parts. All parts can be detached and assembled easily.


Textures for Various Food Types

Puzzle Lick Bowl is the perfect feeder that you ever want for your various recipe ideas. You can easily make your special treats even more attractive and enjoyable for your dog. We made this brilliant feeder for the brilliant chef.


Licking Time Slowing Down

The duo-level structure and the speical multi-texture licking mat can help your dog lick slowly with joy.

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Customer Reviews


Solved two very different dogs eating problems

My lab mix would scarf her food with other slow feeders in less the 3 minutes. This took her 12. Very happy. She took a nap after. My poodle is never interested in eating and this actually was fun for her. She finished everything in 25 minutes. She’s not as aggressive of an eater which causes problems since my lab will walk over and finish her food all the time. Love this product.


Perfect Puzzle Feeder

This has been my favorite dog purchase in a long time. My pup loves puzzles but after doing so many, does not find them challenging. Although this feeder isn’t difficult, it takes him about 20 minutes to eat a meal and gives him great menta stimulation.


Actually works!

We have a medium-sized puppy that's rapidly growing and eats like a monster in Halloween! Nothing wrong with that, except he eats so fast, he often gets ill afterwards. This product worked much better than expected. It took our dog so long to eat (and yet stayed engaged) he laid down. He went from 1-2 minutes to almost 20+ minutes. He hasn't had any further incidents and seems to actually enjoy the challenge! Product is well made and easy to clean and take care of (read the instructions first!). Not sure how long this specific bowl will last (probably for a very long time), but if I have to replace it, it will be this product.

Danika Lesniak

I don’t usually write reviews, but…

We have a very high energy, antsy dog who has a hard time settling down in the evening. We previously got him a slow feeder bowl that kept him busy for maybe 5 minutes, then he would be back to bugging us.
We’ve only used this new slow-feeder once, but HOLY COW. I turned the top-bone piece into a lick mat that I put his broth and omega oil supplement into and froze, then sprinkled his kibble into the silicone bowl underneath. It’s been almost 30 minutes and he is still working at it! This thing is amazing! 10/10 recommend for anyone, ESPECIALLY those of you who have a high energy dog!


The best slow feeder

One of my dogs developed a facial paralysis & was prescribed steroids, which makes her incredibly hungry. She would devour her food in seconds & then move to steal food from the other dogs. I have a slow feeder, but it wasn’t enough, she would still eat too fast. I purchased this one & it has made a world of difference! Now she is forced to eat more slowly & the other dogs finish their food while she eats hers. No more stealing!


Easy to use

Exactly what I needed for my dog. I originally tried to feed him in a different slow feeder and it didn’t work. I needed something that was deeper to make it harder for him and this was exactly that. I did have to take the top spinner piece off… he was scared of it… but that’s ok. That was just extra for my needs.
The maze piece comes out easily to wash everything and easily slides back in. No issues with it coming out during eating either.

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