Puzzle Feeder™ / Hundenapf zum Training der Essgewohnheiten (Rasengrün)

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Solved two very different dogs eating problems

My lab mix would scarf her food with other slow feeders in less the 3 minutes. This took her 12. Very happy. She took a nap after. My poodle is never interested in eating and this actually was fun for her. She finished everything in 25 minutes. She’s not as aggressive of an eater which causes problems since my lab will walk over and finish her food all the time. Love this product.


Perfect Puzzle Feeder

This has been my favorite dog purchase in a long time. My pup loves puzzles but after doing so many, does not find them challenging. Although this feeder isn’t difficult, it takes him about 20 minutes to eat a meal and gives him great menta stimulation.


Actually works!

We have a medium-sized puppy that's rapidly growing and eats like a monster in Halloween! Nothing wrong with that, except he eats so fast, he often gets ill afterwards. This product worked much better than expected. It took our dog so long to eat (and yet stayed engaged) he laid down. He went from 1-2 minutes to almost 20+ minutes. He hasn't had any further incidents and seems to actually enjoy the challenge! Product is well made and easy to clean and take care of (read the instructions first!). Not sure how long this specific bowl will last (probably for a very long time), but if I have to replace it, it will be this product.

Danika Lesniak

I don’t usually write reviews, but…

We have a very high energy, antsy dog who has a hard time settling down in the evening. We previously got him a slow feeder bowl that kept him busy for maybe 5 minutes, then he would be back to bugging us.
We’ve only used this new slow-feeder once, but HOLY COW. I turned the top-bone piece into a lick mat that I put his broth and omega oil supplement into and froze, then sprinkled his kibble into the silicone bowl underneath. It’s been almost 30 minutes and he is still working at it! This thing is amazing! 10/10 recommend for anyone, ESPECIALLY those of you who have a high energy dog!


The best slow feeder

One of my dogs developed a facial paralysis & was prescribed steroids, which makes her incredibly hungry. She would devour her food in seconds & then move to steal food from the other dogs. I have a slow feeder, but it wasn’t enough, she would still eat too fast. I purchased this one & it has made a world of difference! Now she is forced to eat more slowly & the other dogs finish their food while she eats hers. No more stealing!


Easy to use

Exactly what I needed for my dog. I originally tried to feed him in a different slow feeder and it didn’t work. I needed something that was deeper to make it harder for him and this was exactly that. I did have to take the top spinner piece off… he was scared of it… but that’s ok. That was just extra for my needs.
The maze piece comes out easily to wash everything and easily slides back in. No issues with it coming out during eating either.

Puzzle Feeder™

Puzzle Feeder™ wurde mit der langsamen Fütterungsstruktur „Broken Wave“ und drei modularen Teilen entwickelt und ist auf Veränderungen ausgelegt.


Puzzle Feeder™


9,8''×9,8''×3,1'' (25×25×8cm)


1,52 Pfund (690 g)


6 Tassen


ABS/TPE mit pflanzlichen Materialien

Im Lieferumfang enthalten

Rotierende Knochenplatte

Die „Broken Wave“-Verlangsamungsmatte


Jetzt bestellen und

Sie erhalten...

Ein ultimativer Slow Feeder.

Kraft durch die verlangsamende Struktur „Broken Wave“. Füttern Sie Ihren Hund langsamer als zuvor.

Ein sicherer Futteranbieter.

Hergestellt aus pflanzlichen Materialien. Füttern Sie Ihren Hund sicher.

Ein Trainer für Essgewohnheiten.

Drei modulare Komponenten und vier Zuführmodi. Füttern Sie Ihren Hund flexibel.

Ein täglicher Fütterungspartner.

Spülmaschinenfest im oberen Korb. Füttern Sie Ihren Hund ganz einfach.


Progressive Fütterungsmodi

Die drei modularisierten Teile von Puzzle Feeder™ unterstützen vier verschiedene Fütterungsmodi. Diese progressiven Fütterungsmodi können bei unterschiedlichen Bedingungen und Trainingsphasen für Essgewohnheiten eingesetzt werden.


Die Fütterungszeit wird langsamer

Die einzigartige „Broken Wave“-Verlangsamungsmatte und die sich drehende Knochenplatte auf der Oberseite können die Fressgeschwindigkeit eines Hundes um das bis zu 15-fache im Vergleich zu einem normalen Futternapf deutlich verlangsamen.


Tage Essgewohnheiten-Training

Puzzle Feeder ist nicht nur ein langsamer Futterautomat, sondern auch ein Gerät zum Training der Essgewohnheiten, mit dem Sie Ihrem Hund innerhalb von 28 Tagen eine gute Essgewohnheit entwickeln können.


Which One to Choose?

Puzzle Feeder Products are designed for all breeds and variety of functions.

Puzzle Feeder

15X Slow Feeding

Dry Food

All Breeds

Puzzle Lick Bowl

Lick Training

Dry/Wet Food

All Breeds

Puzzle Feeder Lite

15X Slow Feeding

Dry Food

Small/Mid Breeds

Puzzle Lick Bowl Lite

Lick Training

Dry/Wet Food

Small/Mid Breeds

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