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We are a team that loves pets and our planet. Dogs keep us company and bring us joy. They are our loyal friends, but they are also gluttonous in many cases. This is the reason of the birth of the Puzzle Feeder. We have designed and tested many structures to find out the most effective one for slow feeding. Finally, we have developed the "Broken Wave" structure and a spinning bone plate on the upper level of the feeder. To make the dog bowl more environmentally friendly, we tested more than 20 kinds of materials. Finally, we has chosen the material of mixed plant fibers. This new material has passed the FDA certification. We love our dogs as well as our planet. We will keep on developing good products to help our best friends live happily and healthily.

The Story of Nikki.

This is the case with our golden retriever Nikki. He always eats like it is his last meal on earth. Because of that, he suffered from choking, vomiting, and indigestion many times. We were worried that his eating habits may be a hazard, so we wanted to make him eat slower. We tried to discipline him, but we failed because he just could not resist his gluttony. We have tried many dog bowls also. However, either the materials were unsafe or the slow feeding performance was poor. Therefore, we decided to make a safe and practical slow feeding bowl to help our dog develop good eating habits.




Puzzle Feeder™

Product DNA

These are the cores of our products and what we want every dog to adapt.




A dog should never suffer from his food. We believe that every dog deserves good eating habits. Every dog deserves a slow, safe and happy eating time. Every dog deserves a Puzzle Feeder™ product.

- The Puzzle Feeder™ Team

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